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Have Adventures!

Visit amazing places and experience the true Canadian outdoors while camping, hiking and trying over 30 different types of outdoor activities! Have a look at what we have done in the past on our Activities page.

My Story at Wynchemna

Dear Roland, This is a letter to thank you for making my fourteen-year-old summer so unforgettable. I’m a student from Taiwan, and I joined the 2009 Wynchemna summer camp. I was in the Cougars group, and my name is Yvonne. For the last year, I have missed the Wynchemna summer camp so much, and it […]

A summer you’ll never forget!

“I tried skating, ice hockey, rock climbing, kayaking and so many other activities. I will never forget the camping trip along the Rockies. I was just speechless with such beautiful landscapes. I saw the most beautiful stars in my life. Wynchemna is simply the best!” – Paula 

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