Archive | July, 2014

Whistling Sea Otters – Amusement Park & Bella Ceramica – July 29 2014

Today we enjoyed a nice sunny day taking in the rides at the Pacific National Exhibition’s Playland Amusement Park. We started by going on the fifty-year old wooden rollercoaster, twisting and turning upside down. Later, some of our students  played some games, while others took in rides like the bumper cars, a tilting spinning ride, […]

Piping Woodpeckers – July 30, 2014

Today was a big day at Wynchemna; camping preparation day! Sure we had our lessons and lunch as usual, but the focus of the day was getting our gear ready for camping. Part of preparing for camping meant we were put into “tent groups”, small groups that would share the large tents while out camping. […]

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