Archive | August, 2014

Bellowing Buffalo – CAMPING!

Great destinations require great journeys, and we took one on the bus to our camping trip. It was long and a lot of students, and teachers fell asleep, but we made it. Pocaterra in Kannanaskis became our home for a few nights. We got off the bus and got mesmerized by the great Mountain View […]

Bellowing Buffalo – August 14 – Kayaking, Canadian Football, Indoor Soccer, Loose Moose Workshop!

What a jam-packed day today! We woke up bright and early, the earliest ever actually, to put our stinky, dirty clothes through the washing machine and dryers. While the laundry was whirring, we continued with our lessons. Next, for lunch, we had delicious baked chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy! It was a bittersweet moment […]

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