Archive | June, 2015

Wolves and Wapiti – June 29 – Rock N’ Rolla

Today was another jam-packed day of fun! After a scrumptious breakfast we had our first lessons today and the students learnt lots about each other and each others’ interests and cultures. After that we had a Happy Hut lunch with a variety of food ending with a tasty Saskatoon berry pie! Next we headed off […]

Wolves and Wapati – June 28 – Taking the Bus to the Water before Diving into the Test

Yesterday, the kids arrived to Canada, met the new teachers and met each other. Today they also met a famous Wynchemnite: the bus. Big yellow, we took her out the the water. First we went to the frozen water, where some ice skated while the rest played badminton (on non-slippery land). Everyone had their try […]

Wolves and Wapati – June 27 – The First Day

The planes land, the luggage gets picked up (hopefully), and the students see the big skies of Calgary and the hallowed halls of SAIT: home of Wynchemna. When the students come in, they see the smiling faces of the Wynchem-teachers, in their staff shirts behind the tables, filled with goodies: water-bottles, t-shirts, and quarter contracts. […]

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