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Booming Bighorns – August 16 – 21 2015 – Camping Trip!

The Booming Bighorns climbed onto the school bus, ready for a 6 day camping adventure in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. Once arriving at Pocaterra in Kananaskis Country —our home for following 5 nights, students settled into the campsite: learning to pump water, set up tents, and even cook a meal outdoors! We ended the night […]

Booming Bighorn Sheep – 15 August – Getting Ready For Camping!

Today the Booming Bighorn Sheep prepared for our week-long camping trip to Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.  We packed our bags and loaded up the truck with food, tents, and sleeping bags. We can’t wait to spend a week hiking, biking, swimming, and exploring in the Canadian Rockies! Stay tuned – we’ll tell you all about it […]

Booming Bighorn Sheep – 14 August – Kayaking, Football, and Loose Moose!

Today after lessons, the Booming Bighorn Sheep hopped on the bus and headed to lunch at a delicious Indian restaurant in Kensington.  Next, we travelled to the picturesque Glenmore Reservoir where we learned how to kayak at the Calgary Canoe Club.  Then we played a classic game of Canadian football on the shores overlooking the […]

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