Archive | July, 2016

July 31st 2016 – SKATING – Brooding Whooping Cranes

Everyone enjoyed a nice sleep in today; breakfast was a well rested affair. Lessons took on a slightly different format today as Calgary was hit by a certain special birthday. Today is Harry Potter’s birthday. Therefore, Kensington was turned into Diagon Alley. While the children went to explore their magical side, the parents went to […]

Chattering Flying Squirrels – Lessons and Camping Prep – July 31, 2016

What busy little bees we were today! There was a palpable buzz of excitement in the air. Exuberant whispers and eager chattering filled the hallways. What was it? What was this strange and electrifying feeling inside our bones? All through our city, all through our homes? We were flying up, no ceiling, when we’re in […]

Bugling Woodland Caribous – Basketball, Badminton, Ice Skating & Swimming – July 31st, 2016

The Bugling Woodland Caribous had an amazing day, one that was filled with sports of all kind. The Students started their day off with a healthy breakfast to get them ready for all the amazing sports that we had planned. After breakfast we headed to Southland Leisure Centre. The group was split into to while […]

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