Archive | August, 2016

Camping Trip – Grunting White Pelicans – August 9-14th, 2016

What an adventure the last week has been! The Pelicans have experienced so much in their week together, which started in Whistler, BC. Here everybody set up their tents after a beautiful drive up the coastline to their destination. The whole group worked together to make a delicious meal before they headed to bed in […]

Bugling Woodland Caribous – Royal Tyrell Museum, Drumheller – August 13th 2016

Today dinoSOARED by when we went on a hunt for the Wynchemnasaurus! The day started with a nutritious breakfast and lessons the made the students smile. After lunch we headed to the infamous Drumheller, where the dinosaurs used to roam many moons ago. We went to horseshoe canyon where we unfortunately found no horseshoes but […]

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