August 12th 2016 – Rock climbing, Golf, and LOOSE MOOSE! – Bugling Woodland Caribous

As the morning breeze floated in from open windows, the students slowly roused themselves up to attend  a delicious breakfast at 9am. Today the students were finally granted their deepest wish: Laundry!

After loading their clothes into the wash, the students headed back up the eight flights to attend their first lesson. Lessons and lunch completed, the students loaded onto the party bus and half headed to rock climbing and the other half to golf. Students got to develop their climbing skills, climbing higher and longer than last time. While, all students got to try their hand at golf.

For dinner, all students travelled to Denny’s to enjoy a plethora of dishes: cheeseburgers, vegetable skillets, chicken fingers, salad, and turkey sandwiches. After which, everyone went to the local improv theatre to watch a competition of sketches.

Today was a beautiful day; tomorrow Drumheller awaits!!

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