August 1st 2016 – THE GREAT RACE! – Brooding Whooping Cranes

The teachers were pleasantly surprised when the parents made Chinese pancakes for everyone. After a nice breakfast, the parents and children split into their lesson groups and proceeded to learn diligently.

Everyone travelled to the third floor to enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by Happy Hut. The food allowed for scintillating conversation to flow and friends to be confirmed.

Next, parents and children gathered downstairs to partake in the infamous Calgary Race. Everyone was split into three groups, each led by a teacher, and off they went!!!! Each group tried to beat the other in reaching all of the desired destinations first. Each team worked hard, racing against the clock! After a long day of exploring downtown Calgary and speaking to many friendly Calgarians, everyone met up outside the Old Spaghetti Factory.

Family camp took on the city, now they are ready to take on the mountains!

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