Paddling River Otters – July 20th, 2018 – Baseball, Canoeing and Loose Moose

As usual, the day started with a breakfast full of eggs, bacon, fruit, waffles and toast. Then we gathered in our classes to finish up the articles about our Canadian adventures. Once the articles were top notch, we walked over to the computer lab and created our newspaper. With the masterful help of the teachers, […]

Paddling River Otters – July 19th 2018 – Football, Kayaking, Loose Moose

Today was a very busy and fun day for the paddling river otters. It was definitely one of those days that they will remember and treasure forever (just like every other day at Wynchemna). The lessons started once again today and after a yummy lunch the otters turned their journalism skills on, to start working […]

Stomping Striped Porcupines – July 18 – Head Smashed Buffalo Jump

Today we started off in our new rooms in SAIT and had our classic Canadian breakfast, with waffles and syrup being the star of the show. After breakfast, we packed up our bags readying ourselves for our big adventure to the Albertan Foothills. After a fun bus ride full of card games, riddles and laughter […]

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