Booming Bighorns – August 16 – 21 2015 – Camping Trip!

The Booming Bighorns climbed onto the school bus, ready for a 6 day camping adventure in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. Once arriving at Pocaterra in Kananaskis Country —our home for following 5 nights, students settled into the campsite: learning to pump water, set up tents, and even cook a meal outdoors! We ended the night with a fun campfire and songs.

On Monday, after filling our bellies with a delicious breakfast of french toast, we set off to Chester Lake where we enjoyed a scenic hike through the mountain. A handful of students even braved the ice-cold water, taking a short but refreshing dip in the lake at the top of the hike. That night we followed up dinner with some delicious smores!

The next day, we had an early morning with a long drive ahead. The students split up and either went horseback riding around the scenic Lake Louise, or ventured to the great Columbia Ice Fields in Jasper National Park. It was such a fun day and all the students experienced famous Canadian sights.

On Wednesday, students learned the ins and outs of mountain biking. It was tough for some students but the view was definitely worth it. A few students even learned to ride bikes for the first time! After biking through the mountain terrain we headed over to Lower Lake for an evening dip in the gorgeous lake surrounded by mountains.

We started Thursday morning with a breakfast of tasty blueberry pancakes and then quickly packed our bags for a trip to Banff. The day was filled with a picnic lunch, some basketball, swimming in the hot springs, and shopping at the local stores in the scenic town.

By Friday we couldn’t believe how fast the week had flown by. It was time to pack up our tents and say goodbye to our campsite in Kananaskis. We weren’t heading back to Calgary quite yet, we were off to a day of shopping and swimming at the largest mall in North America: West Edmonton Mall! Some students visited the huge water park and braved some awesome water slides and others spent their time shopping around the mall.


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