Bugling Woodland Caribous – Camping!

The Caribou woke up early on Monday morning, eager to drive to Kananaskis Country. After lunch, they climbed onto the school bus, ready for a 6 day camping adventure in the beautiful Canadian Rockies.

Once arriving at Pocaterra in Kananaskis Country students settled into the campsite: learning to pump water, set up tents, and even cook a meal outdoors! We ended the night with a fun campfire and songs.

The next morning the teachers and students made a delicious breakfast of french toast before spending the afternoon riding the mountain bike trails that snake through the forests and meadows of the park.

The following day the students were excited for their first hike together! We packed up all the ingredients for a delicious lunch in our bags before hiking to Galatea Lake, where we enjoyed a picnic on the shore.

The next day we set off to Banff. The teachers and students cooked a delicious meal at a park right in the middle of Banff and had a wonderful picnic. The students then split into two groups – half of which stayed to shop around Banff while the other group headed to the hot springs! After a busy afternoon, we met up for dinner in the park before heading back to camp.

The next morning we rose early, in preparation for the long drive ahead. The students split up and either went horseback riding around the scenic Lake Louise, or ventured to the great Columbia Ice Fields in Jasper National Park. It was such a fun day and all the students experienced famous Canadian sights.

Our final day of camping was a relaxing one. We drove to Upper Lake for a swim and BBQ picnic, before returning to Pocaterra for a relaxing evening of volleyball, dinner, and a final campfire.

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