Cackling Canada Geese – July 22, 2017 – Skating and Loose Moose

After luxuriously waking up at 9:45am, a fun-filled day awaited the Geese. The morning was bustling with activity as we broke up into groups for an exciting challenge – a fashion show! Using only newspaper and tape, the teams designed some snazzy and trendy outfits (watch out Gucci and Prada!). Dresses and suits were tailored by the talented Geese. Once the outfits were ready, selected models walked the catwalk for their awaiting audience. Everybody cheered and applauded as the outfits were modeled – it was a hoot!

After the fashion show, we had a hardy lunch of beef, potatoes and vegetables. We needed to fuel up to prepare for the rest of the day to come. After lunch, we headed to the Calgary Olympic Oval for SKATING! Ice skating was a first for many of the Geese but everybody quickly got used to it. By the end of our time at the Oval, people were whizzing around the track at lightning speed! It was so much fun. After skating, we headed to Swiss Chalet to fill our bellies with a delicious stir-fry dinner!

Our evening finished off at the Loose Moose theatre, where we got to experience a live improvisation show. The actors were incredibly funny and the Geese couldn’t contain their laughter! The show acted out different hilarious scenarios, which we loved talking about on the bus ride home. Once we returned home, it was finally time to “hit the hay” and get some well needed rest. Goodnight!

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