Cackling Canada Geese – July 23, 2017 – Last Day Activities, Steak Dinner, and Party!

It was a sunny morning when the goslings woke up for their final day of activities at camp. We had a longer breakfast to savour our last morning with our breakfast groups.
Time flew by as we listened to some music while tidying up our breakfast rooms. Before we knew it, it was time for lunch! We had Indian cuisine (a first for some students). There was quite the spread including roti, butter chicken, basmati rice, fried spicy chicken, and a spicy chickpea dish. The students all helped themselves to seconds because it was so delicious.
Next we did warm-fuzzies. Each student got to write a kind note to everyone in our flock. The notes were collected by teachers and will be given to students at the airport.
Finally it was time for our steak dinner! The students learned new vocabulary about how to order their steak: rare, medium-rare, medium-well-done, or well-done. Once we were stuffed with steak, the teachers surprised the students with milkshakes for dessert! Yum!
Then we returned home for the certificates ceremony. Each student received and individual certificate and award presented by the teachers. The awards put a smile on everyone’s face.
To conclude our eventful day we celebrated our achievements with a PARTY! We danced, sang, laughed and then cried when it was over. All-in-all, the students had a great last day and didn’t want to go to sleep since they knew tomorrow their planes would be taking off back home.

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