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Brooding Whooping Cranes – Kayaking, Football, and Rollerskating – July 29, 2016

Like any other day at Wynchemna, today started off with the smell of eggs, bacon, fruits and waffles that the teachers had prepared. As the sun went high for a hot but beautiful day, parents and kids loaded the bus where we got a big party going on with good music and everyone was singing […]

July 28th, 2016 – Golf, Rock climbing, Hockey! – Brooding Whooping Cranes

Children and parents alike woke up to the smell of eggs, bacon, toast, and waffles that the teachers had prepared. After a delicious breakfast and scintillating conversation, everyone loaded into the party bus to head out on the days adventures. The first stop was golf, where everyone tried their hand at hitting the ball the […]

Brooding Whooping Cranes – Canoeing, Baseball and Soccer July 27, 2016

The Brooding Whopping Cranes touched down earlier this morning in sunny Calgary. After a few brief hours of sleep, they were thrown into the hectic but exciting Wynchemna rhythm! We started the morning off with a hearty Canadian breakfast of bacon, eggs, chocolate milk, waffles, and of course, the quintessential Canadian maple syrup. After breakfast, […]

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