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Echoing Pacific Loons – Road Trip 2016

The road trip adventure started early in the morning when after a heartfelt goodbye with their classmates, they set out on their trek. The students traveled for some time before reaching their first of many destinations, white water rafting. This activity was new for almost everyone as they nervously climbed into their rafts. This nervousness […]

Echoing Pacific Loons – Last day – July 23/24, 2016

Saturday morning started off untypical to Wynchemna standards, as the students and teachers got to sleep in. Unlike most days where teachers and students prepared breakfast, today was a free for all. The first activity on the agenda was lesson 1. Students reluctantly brought their notebooks and pens to their classrooms, though they quickly learned […]

Echoing Pacific Loons – Camping – July 17 – July 21 2016.

It was the 17th of July and the day has finally arrived where the students get to experience the great outdoors and majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta. The week began with wonderful sunny weather, a perfect beginning to what would end up being an incredible week camping with Wynchemna. The students arrived […]

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