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Hissing Prairie Rattlesnakes – Last day – July 23/24, 2016

Saturday morning started off untypical to Wynchemna standards, as the students and teachers got to sleep in. Unlike most days where teachers and students prepared breakfast, today was a free for all. The first activity on the agenda was lesson 1. Students reluctantly brought their notebooks and pens to their classrooms, though they quickly learned […]

July 22nd, 2016 – Chinook Mall and Rollerblading – Hissing Prairie Rattlesnakes

Today started with an early breakfast in our apartment breakfast groups. The teachers had a really fun activity planned for this morning; the students got to put on a newspaper clothing fashion show! In groups of ten, the students came up with a fashion brand name and made clothing like dresses, shirts, and pants out […]

July 21st, 2016 – Great Calgary Race – Hissing Prairie Rattlesnakes

Today’s breakfast started with a box of new waffles, which are the kids’ favorite! The teachers spent some time editing each students article for Wynchemna 2016’s newspaper. While making constructive comments for each student, to build their English skills. The teachers made sure to keep the essence of each child in their articles and made […]

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