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June 27/July 4 Youth Course 2014

Wonderful Memories – Summer of 2014

Students, parents, teachers, friends, relatives, agents, here is the final blog from the summer of 2014 – what a summer. I have not had so much fun talking to students, doing recreational activities and camping in the Canadian Rockies in years because I am always sitting in the office doing all the paper work and arranging […]

Humming Owls – July 16 – 20, 2014

Well! What a time we had spending five days camping out in the Lower Lakes Kananaskis. July 16 – We arrived in the evening and set up camp, laying a few ground rules to ensure safety and maximum fun. We then started cooking dinner and talked about the exciting days ahead. July 17 – We […]

Humming Owls – July 15, 2014

Students are really enjoying the routine of breakfast and lessons, and learning lots about English and other cultures as they converse over orange juice, bacon and waffles. After all that jazz, we had a delicious Taco Tuesday lunch with soft and hard shell tacos, chili, salad and icy water. Next we split into our groups […]

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