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Piping Woodpeckers – July 22, 2014

After all the excitement of The Amazing Race: Calgary Edition yesterday, today was a much-needed quiet day where all of the students stayed around SAIT. We had our regular classes in the morning and after lunch, then we took a bunch of group photos of us with the Calgary sky-line in the background. In the […]

Screaming Eagles – July 21

The day began with classes that tested the students’ English skills and creativity. We then made a visit to Chinook Mall, where we discovered who the shoppaholics are. We also made a trip to the theatre and students had the option of watching Edge of Tomorrow, Transformers, and How to Train a Dragon. After the […]

Screaming Owl – July 20

After the students got some energy from their breakfast meals, they started their day with lessons. We had Italian food at the Market Mall and went straight to a Canadian Grocery store to gather ingredients for international supper. The international supper included dishes from across the world, including Taiwan, Spain, China, Japan, and Korea. The […]

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