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Bugling Woodland Caribous – Kayaking, Football, Soccer, Swiss Chalet, Face Masks – August 11th, 2016

August 11th, seems like a normal day and to most it is. However, it is special to teacher Noah, as his birthday is 1 month ahead of this date. Luckily the schedule was built for such a special day. I’m going to go ahead and skip past lunch, because breakfast, lessons and lunch were the […]

August 10th 2016 – Rock Climbing, Volleyball, CASINO NIGHT – Bugling Woodland Caribous

After a chorus of yells the night before, breakfast was pushed to 9:30. The students woke with an extra half an hour of sleep to a beautiful day in Calgary. A wonderful breakfast of good food and fun conversations was had by all students. Once the last dish was cleared and cleaned, the students headed […]

Bugling Woodland Caribous – Shopping – August 9th 2016

What a day, the students were more than enthused to go shopping at Chinook Mall after their lessons. The day was full of adventuring around a Canadian mall and mingling with other international students. The students were so excited to watch a movie in the cinema they were constantly pointing out the differenced between their […]