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June 27/July 4 Junior Course 2014

Wonderful Memories – Summer of 2014

Students, parents, teachers, friends, relatives, agents, here is the final blog from the summer of 2014 – what a summer. I have not had so much fun talking to students, doing recreational activities and camping in the Canadian Rockies in years because I am always sitting in the office doing all the paper work and arranging […]

Screaming Eagles – July 22 2014

The other day we played with hockey sticks for the first time, today we played on ice for the first time. It was awesome. Though it was cold, we ran around, had some good games and a whole lot of fun. In the afternoon we went to the Wynchemna Casino. There was Bingo, Blackjack, Slap, […]

Screaming Eagles – July 21

The day began with classes that tested the students’ English skills and creativity. We then made a visit to Chinook Mall, where we discovered who the shoppaholics are. We also made a trip to the theatre and students had the option of watching Edge of Tomorrow, Transformers, and How to Train a Dragon. After the […]

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