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Splashing Snapping Turtles – August 6th-11th, 2017 – Exploring the Canadian Wilderness!

After a couple of weeks of learning English in the beautiful city of Calgary, it was time for the Splashing Snapping Turtles to swim to the Canadian Rockies! We packed our sleeping bags and prepared for five nights of camping in Western Canada’s beautiful outdoors. Camping was a great experience for all, we got to […]

Splashing Snapping Turtles – August 5th, 2017 – Camping, here we come!

Today was such a fun day for the Splashing Snapping Turtles. As usual, we kickstarted our day with some yummy food in our breakfast room. Then, it was time for some fun lessons where we discussed camping and Canada. Our morning finished off with a delicious lunch in Happy hut where we filled our bellies […]

Splashing Snapping Turtles- August 4th

Our day was filled with sports, sports and more sports! Rock climbing, volleyball, American football and kayaking were the activities for the day. We had an early start today, breakfast was at 8:30am! Our bus left at 9:30am and we headed out for our first activities, climbing and volleyball. Similar to yesterday we split up […]