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Canada is turning 150 this summer – Proud to be Canadian!

What’s your favourite word to describe the Canadian Rockies – breathtaking, magnificent, speechless, spectacular, splendid, picturesque, exquisite, dramatic, gorgeous, beautiful, charming, fantastic, romantic, inspiring, or just awesome, eh? How would you describe your Wynchemna experience in Canada? My favourite words for the Canadian Rockies Experience are: Unglaublich……oops, that was not English…….maybe I would write:   […]

August 12th 2016 – Rock climbing, Golf, and LOOSE MOOSE! – Bugling Woodland Caribous

As the morning breeze floated in from open windows, the students slowly roused themselves up to attend  a delicious breakfast at 9am. Today the students were finally granted their deepest wish: Laundry! After loading their clothes into the wash, the students headed back up the eight flights to attend their first lesson. Lessons and lunch […]