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Soaring Horned Owls- Last Day!

The owls rolled out of bed to enjoy a tasty continental breakfast at the Econolodge hotel. We chatted with our friends and enjoyed a relaxing start to the day. Afterwards, we headed to the SAIT library to type up our Wynchemna newspaper articles! We all came up with creative and unique pieces of writing as […]

Soaring Horned Owls- Camping!

Day 1 In preparation for our camping trip, we enjoyed some informative and helpful lessons where we learned about camping and bear safety, as well as some exciting games that helped us practice storytelling and speaking. We packed up our bags and headed towards the mountains, anticipating our upcoming adventures in the wilderness. Once we […]

Soaring Horned Owls – August 9 – Kayaking, Canadian Football & Casino Night!

Today was a jam-packed day at Wynchemna. We started our day with a delicious breakfast with our breakfast room groups and then headed off for fun lessons about sports, adjectives and much more. Our teachers are always so creative and energetic, getting us to think outside the box and enjoy ourselves. After lessons, we packed […]

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