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Migrating Pacific Salmon – Camping Trip!

What an exciting week it’s been for us! Our camping trip started off by a fun time creating songs and dances for tent groups – everyone did an amazing job but the Pelicans came out on top! Then we packed ourselves and all our gear into the bus to head to Whistler! This bustling little […]

Splashing, Snapping Turtles – August 13, 2017 – Gliding and Sliding!

Our little turtles got to splash around, skate, and play in the gym during our afternoon at the Southland Recreational Centre. We had a later breakfast today, which all of the kids loved! After having a good hearty breakfast we had our first lesson and then headed off to the athletic centre for our first […]

Whispering Northern Racoons – August 4th, 2017 – The Great Calgary Race!

What a great day for our Racoons! We started the day in our breakfast rooms where we cooked up some delicious food. Then, it was time for lessons. Our lessons consisted of all sorts of fun activities to reinforce our English vocabulary and pronunciation. Time flew by and soon it was time for a delicious […]