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Migrating Pacific Salmon – Grouse Grind – August 5, 2017

Today was a joyous day! We jumped out of bed and ate breakfast, we had pancakes, sausages, and fresh fruit – it was delicious. Next we had three lessons and we learned so much! Then it was time for a hike. We grinded the grouse like it was nobody’s business. The hike was a challenge […]

Migrating Pacific Salmon – August 4, 2017 – Vancouver Aquarium, Biking, and Night Market!

Friday was such a busy, eventful, and amazing day! Also… Happy Birthday Teacher Dustin!! After breakfast, 3 lessons, and lunch, the Salmons went on the bus quickly and made their way to the Vancouver Aquarium. It was perfect timing because we were just in time to pet the Stingrays! The students got to put their […]

Migrating Pacific Salmon – Movies and Shopping! – August 3, 2017

This sunny morning we woke up with glee. Why? Because the students knew today was shopping day! We ate our breakfast at the caf; we enjoyed waffles with syrup and fruit compote. Next we powered through three lessons. Students learned about and practiced Canadian line dancing, wrote scary stories, learned about Canadian history through examining […]

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