Chattering Flying Squirrels – Lessons and Camping Prep – July 31, 2016

What busy little bees we were today! There was a palpable buzz of excitement in the air. Exuberant whispers and eager chattering filled the hallways. What was it? What was this strange and electrifying feeling inside our bones? All through our city, all through our homes? We were flying up, no ceiling, when we’re in our zone. Yes, if you could drop in you would have seen a very amusing sight indeed: Wynchemna students going about with a bounce in our step and a silly smile on our faces! What was going on? The answer was simple: we go camping tomorrow!
A five day camping trip was just the highlight we were all looking forward to. The anticipation was bubbling to an all-time high. But students knew what had to be done before we took off: clean and pack! We got down to business, to clean up the rooms. Did you wash the dishes? Did you bring the broom? Music pumped in the background as we swept, mopped, washed dishes, vacuumed the carpet and cleaned the sinks. We kept our spirits high as we packed our bags, our minds wildly imagining the beautiful Kananaskis Campgrounds. We crossed our fingers, wishing for good weather but knowing we would make the best of whatever, no matter the weather because we always bring our own sunshine.
When all the hullabaloo of cleaning and packing was done, we realized we worked up quite a sweat. It was certainly one of the most jam-packed activities we’ve had yet! Who knew cleaning could be so much fun? Students felt that they might even begin helping their parents back home with the housework and chores.
When dinner came we were famished. We took hearty bites out of our Tim Hortons sandwiches and finished off with a classic Canadian donut for dessert. Then students were allowed Free-Time, one of the rarest and most sought after times at Wynchemna. Students bounded off arm-in-arm with their new friends to spend one last night together in Civilization.
Because yes, tomorrow, tomorrow we head to the mountains! Tomorrow we pitch our tents and become one with Mother Nature! Tomorrow. We. CAMP!

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