Class of 2012 – Caterina’s Shopping Trip


If you are a shopaholic the best thing to do is shop. Yesterday, August 14, (2102) the Wynchemna camp went to Chinook mall. Everybody was very happy and excited about doing shopping. For most of the people this was the first time in a big Canadian mall and they enjoyed it very much. The guys had two hours to do their shopping and walk around the mall. We can say that Chinook mall is one of the biggest in Calgary. Most everybody went to Abercrombie and Hollister that are the foremost brands for teenagers but everything was a bit rushed because 2 hours of time was not very much.Everyone was running to a shop and to the other trying to buy them. In every shop the people were very friendly and gentle. People like me were frustrated because they wish they had more time. But anyway after that everybody enjoyed. Most of the people went to see Batman and they really enjoyed it. Other  people went to see Batman and Ice Age. After a really long day everyone was so tired that on the train back everyone was sleeping.

by Caterina

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