Galloping Western Mustangs – August 1st – 6th, 2017 – Camping!

The Mustangs are back!

After spending their first two weeks in Calgary, the Mustangs survived their third week out in the Canadian Rockies. Camping was a great opportunity for all students to disconnect from their phones and wi-fi while providing them a chance to connect to their fellow peers in the beautiful Kananaskis Country. There were many bonding opportunities for all students to learn more about each other and their respective cultures and countries.

During our time camping, we did many fun activities. And for most Mustangs, they experienced new things that required them to step out of their comfort zone. It all started on August 1st 2017 when the Mustangs had to set up their tents on a beautiful Pocaterra campground. The campground was surrounded by massive mountains and a beautiful river, which the students used as their temporary shower; even despite the cold water. It was quite impressive.

While camping, the students participated in: mountain biking, hiking, relaxing in natural hot springs, a fun day in Banff National Park, Columbia Icefields exploration, and horseback riding around the beautiful Lake Louise. On the campground, the students were playing: football, soccer, volleyball, badminton, dancing, singing, frisbee, and swimming. There was never a dull moment.

One of the best parts of camping, especially with Wynchemna, is that the Mustangs had a never ending supply of delicious food and snacks. You name it, the Mustangs had it. They enjoyed homemade french toast, pancakes, cereal, lots and lots of fruit, pasta, vegetables, stir fry rice, sandwiches, Rose’s birthday cake, cookies, granola bars, chips, and many more. All food was made and prepped by the students in a team effort. Then once all meals were finished, dishes were a big part of camping. Each tent group had to take turns cleaning the dishes. It was very important for all Mustangs to keep to campsite nice and clean to avoid any unwanted encounters with Bears. During the bus rides, the Mustangs noticed a lot of wildlife while singing along to their favourite songs.

Finally, once camping was all over, the students were excited to shower again… but they were also more excited to go shopping at the famous West Edmonton Mall – North America’s largest shopping mall. As soon as we wrapped up our sleeping bags and packed our bags, we headed off to Edmonton. Some Mustangs decided to shop all day, and others decided to explore and enjoy the massive indoor World Waterpark before spending all their cash. It was very fun and long day!

The Mustangs are now back in Calgary and about to enjoy their last couple of days here before heading back home. There are many mixed emotions. We plan to enjoy these last few moments with each other!

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