Galloping Western Mustangs – July 31, 2017 – Mustangs Are Camp Ready!

Tomorrow the Mustangs will pack up their stables and horseshoes, and they’ll be off to Kananaskis Country for a week long adventure of camping. In order to be as ready as possible, today was dedicated to tent group activities and games.

After their breakfast and three English lessons were completed, they enjoyed a delicious lunch here at the SAIT residence. Immediately after our lunch, all Mustangs met with their respective tent groups in order to create a song, poster and t-shirts which represented their designated tent animal. The t-shirts looked amazing and the tent songs were entertaining. The Rabbit tent group had the best song, as it was voted number one by all campers. Well done Rabbits!

Quickly after everyone shared their artistic creations, they learned how to setup a tent and then practiced setting one up and taking it down. The Mustangs are now ready to setup up a temporary home in the middle of the mountains. They’re very excited!

We ended the day with tent games, which included: tug-a-war, water balloons, spin the bat and a life savers toothpick game. Afterwards we started packing our camping bags and our luggages. Lastly, we celebrated the end of an exciting night with a huge variety of delicious Canadian pizza.

Tomorrow is the BIG day! Woohoo!

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