Gnawing River Beavers – July 18th, 2017 – Beach Volleyball, Boulders and Bargains!

This morning the beavers woke up bright and early for breakfast to get a head start on a beautifully hot day here in Calgary. After a delicious breakfast the beavers headed off to their first lesson where they learned various different English phrases. With two back to back lessons in the morning the beavers were ready for a filling lunch. With a lunch consisting of delicious perogies, pork, veggies and various different appetizers!

After lunch the beavers split into two groups, the first group headed off to go rock climbing while the second group raced off for a game of volleyball. The brave beavers strapped in and climbed some daring heights in order to reach the very top of the climbing wall. The second half of the group spent some time in the sun playing outdoor volleyball. While the sand was hot and the sun was scorching the determined beavers didn’t let a little heat stop them. The two teams dove and ran for the volleyballs in order to insure that their team will win the ultimate game of beach volleyball. The two teams then switched for the afternoon taking turns so all the beavers were able to go to both rock climbing and play a game of volleyball.

The beavers then headed back to SAIT for their last lesson of the day. While the lessons are always fun and interesting the beavers were getting hungry for supper and were more than ready to go out to eat. We headed off to supper at delicious Boston Pizza where the beavers enjoyed a meal of spaghetti bolognese with warm buttery garlic bread.

When the beavers were full from the satisfying dinner they joined the streets of Calgary in order to play the paper clip game. This is a game where we gave each team a paper clip and told them that they could trade their paper clip for anything that the friendly Canadians wanted to give them. The paper clips got traded for cowboys hats, ping pong balls, stuffed animals, a bird statue and more. The beavers were more than happy talking to so many different Canadians tonight and so they headed back to SAIT with big smiles and new found treasures.

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