Gnawing River Beavers – July 19th, 2017 – Fresh Air and Fun in the Sun!

A very late start for the beavers today! Everyone was so excited to not have breakfast till 10:30! They all were chipper and energized ready for their day.

We started with our two lessons before having a delicious lunch at Happy Hut! The students all had delicious noodles with chicken and vegetables on top. They all kept coming back to get more of the fresh fruit and veggies all laid out for them.

They then started their adventure to the Canoe Club for an afternoon of kayaking fun! They had a great time splashing and moving quickly through the water in their “small boats”. We all thought they looked very professional with their life jackets and their paddles before getting in the water. After kayaking we all moved to learn American Football! We ran drills and practiced as a team, all cheering each other on! There were some impressive throws and even more exciting catches as they dived for the ball.We even had a competition at the end to see who could kick the ball the farthest. We are very proud of Carmen and Derek beating everyone, although it was a very close competition.

After they were all established superstars and worn out from their efforts they piled onto the bus for a delicious dinner. We enjoyed all Swiss Chalet had to offer and after a long day it was a very refreshing meal. We retired back to residence fairly early to play board games and relax preparing for our busy day tomorrow!

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