Gnawing River Beavers – July 20th/21st, 2017 – Shopping, Sports and a Show!

Yesterday was a treat for the Beavers, they were so excited to spend the day at Chinook Mall. Not only did they get to go shopping they also got to see a movie at the theatre! The students were excited for all of their movie options and were spread throughout the theatre with all their friends!

Today was a busy day for the Beavers! We started with a hearty breakfast before writing our very own year book! The students all gathered in the computer lab and wrote mini articles about their favourite memories at Wynchemna as well as adding in their favourite pictures! Everyone can’t wait to read each other’s stories at the end of the camp.

After a hearty lunch the Beavers prepared for a very busy afternoon. First stop, GOLF! We have a very avid golfer in our camp and all the students were excited to see Hugo in his prime. He was great teaching all the students special technique to make their swings perfection! We had a big challenge at the end seeing who could hit their ball the farthest, coming out with three victors, a very exciting time for the beavers.

Then it was back to Rock Climbing, the beavers already had their initial training at Rock Climbing so today they were raring to go. They took on the more challenging walls and pushed each other to go higher, most students making it to the top! The beavers were hungry and ready for dinner. We headed out to Denny’s for a hearty and nutritious meal.

We ended our day with a comedy show, Loose Moose. The Beavers actually got to work with one of the actors a couple weeks ago so seeing him perform was a real treat! All the acts were completely improvised and we all laughed at the actors antics! It was a very exciting day for the Beavers, time for bed!

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