It’s crazy…. and awesome!

Yes, I admit it,  I hardly could breath walking to the top of Sulphur Mountain. I even asked myself what is special about this mountain? There were just trees and more trees and switch back trails going up and up and up, then suddenly I saw a gondola pass above my head.  What? Why didn’t we take the gondola?  Those lucky non-Wynchemna people!!!

And then those Germans students who raced to get to the top of the mountains  – they were crazy!

And Voila — I finally understood the English expression “breath taking” when I arrived at the top. The 360 degree view, the air, blue sky , the river – WOW!!!

Whenever I think about my summer at Wynchemna,  it is the  exactly the same feeling as when I just reached the top of Sulphur mountain – Mission accomplished, happy and proud I did it.



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