Thumping Snowshoe Hares – July 5th, 2017 – Basketball and Street Hockey

Although the sun was blazing today, it didn’t stop the Thumping Snowshoe Hares from staying outdoors. After taking a small exam, the students played bingo to find what they have in common with each other and learned everyone’s names. Right before we had lunch, the students had some friendly competition over dodge ball. Today, we had delicious pasta with broccoli and beef for lunch. Along with salads, fruits, and spring rolls on the side, yum!

Lunch was followed by a trip to the community centre, where the students played street hockey and basketball. It was the first time for some students to play the beloved Canadian sport of hockey, but they caught on super fast! During basketball, the students warmed up with some lay-ups, jump shots, and give n’ goes. And of course many three-pointers were made!

After running around all afternoon, the student were ready to walk to the Market Mall and have some dinner. They had some pitas and greek cuisine! They were very satisfied!

Finally, the student ended the day by playing board games with their roommates. The competition amped up everyone’s spirits and brought them all closer together. We can’t wait to see all of them bond more on the drive to Drumheller tomorrow to learn about Dinosaurs!

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