Migrating Pacific Salmon – August 4, 2017 – Vancouver Aquarium, Biking, and Night Market!

Friday was such a busy, eventful, and amazing day! Also… Happy Birthday Teacher Dustin!!

After breakfast, 3 lessons, and lunch, the Salmons went on the bus quickly and made their way to the Vancouver Aquarium. It was perfect timing because we were just in time to pet the Stingrays! The students got to put their hands in shallow water and wait for the Stingrays to swim by their palms. The aquarium also had frogs, sea otters, sea lions, penguins, and a sloth! Most students said their favourite was the 4D Coastal Predator movie, it really felt like you were in the movie! We wondered around the gift shop and then had dinner in the park nearby – we had some very delicious pizza and brownies and cookies for dessert.

Just as the sun was setting, we rented bikes near the Sea Wall and biked along the coast. It was a peaceful bike ride with brilliant views, we saw a blood moon over the ocean too! Our bike ride ended at a beach, where the student had the choice the hang out around the playground or go for another lap. Before the night ended, we went all the way to Richmond for the Night Market. There were a variety of street foods from mostly Asia, and also very cute accessories. It was a fun and at the same time, the students were exposed to a new culture.

The students got home later than usual so they were told breakfast would be an hour later the next day, it’s the weekend after all!

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