Migrating Pacific Salmon – Camping Trip!

What an exciting week it’s been for us!

Our camping trip started off by a fun time creating songs and dances for tent groups – everyone did an amazing job but the Pelicans came out on top! Then we packed ourselves and all our gear into the bus to head to Whistler! This bustling little town would be our home for the next two nights. We set up out cozy little site and heading to bed after a long day of travelling.

The next morning we headed off to Blackcomb mountain to head up the ski lift towards the Peak to Peak gondola. We enjoyed the views as we scaled the mountain side. Peak to Peak was another special treat – the longest gondola of its type in world – we travelled from the peak of Blackcomb mountain to Whistler to partake in more breathtaking views. After our adventure in the mountains the day of fun continued as we went zip lining between the two mountains, some of us even tried going upside down! Then it was back to the campsite for dinner and bed.

The next day we packed up and piled inside the bus for Vancouver island. We stopped for some yummy fish and chips before taking a ferry ride over to the island. Our day of boats continued as we had to take another little ferry to our camp for the night, Newcastle island. Here we swam in the ocean and watched the sunset into the horizon.

The next day was a also a busy one! We left our little island getaway and traded it for the Horne Lake caves. We explored the deep wonders of the world and even got to experience complete darkness as we descended below the earth’s outer crust. Then we preceded to our campsite close to Victoria, we headed to bed, our heads full of dreams of whales.

This was a very special day for us, we headed into Victoria for some shopping and lunch before we embarked on a luxury cruiser to sneak a peak at some whales. We boarded our boat with our captain and enjoyed our time watching the grand mammals that roam the oceans. Followed some free time to explore Victoria we headed back to our site to rest before another fun filled day the next day!

We awoke and went straight to the Fairway Gorge to go try our hand at kayaking. We spent two hours on the water getting our boats to reach top speed as we paddled across the scenic gorge. After we headed to the Sooke pools for a lovely swim in some of the clearest water of the mountains! Then we journeyed back to our site for our last night of camping that ended with pizza and ice cream for some and a nighttime mountain stroll for others.

For our last day all together we headed back to Vancouver on the ferry and then zipped right over to go-karts! We raced our hearts out and then enjoyed some fun arcade games like DDR! Then it was over to the hotel after a lovely last meal altogether before our last sleep in Canada. We all had such amazing time exploring the wild and getting to know each other these last few weeks – we’re all so glad we came to visit this country and Wynchemna for the best summer ever!!!

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