Migrating Pacific Salmon – Grouse Grind – August 5, 2017

Today was a joyous day! We jumped out of bed and ate breakfast, we had pancakes, sausages, and fresh fruit – it was delicious.
Next we had three lessons and we learned so much!
Then it was time for a hike. We grinded the grouse like it was nobody’s business. The hike was a challenge for lots of us but we all loved it nonetheless. We ended the hike by watching two grizzly bears in captivity who were rescued when they were young. Some of us even got to see a bird show; we learned about barn owls and vultures.
We picked up schwarma for supper and then headed back to residence. Then we felt like we needed to relax; hence we had a spa night. We did facial masks and gave each other massages. Everybody felt so relaxed and then it was time for bed.
What a great day!

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