Monarch Butterflies – July 17th, 2017: Rock Climbing, Volleyball and Rollerblading

What a wonderful day at Wynchemna!

We woke up with smiles on our faces this morning, eager to know what activities were planned for the day. We started the day off with a hearty breakfast of cereal, bacon, eggs, waffles and maple syrup. During breakfast, our teachers told us that 4 Canadians were going to join our group for our afternoon activities! We couldn’t wait to meet them. After lunch, we got acquainted with them, and had the opportunity to practice our English as we taught them how to write their names in Chinese!

Our first activity was rock climbing. It was so much fun! We climbed high rock walls and raced up to see who can climb the fastest. Afterwards, we played volleyball. Our teachers taught us the rules and how to properly serve the ball like real volleyball pros! We played right until we had to leave to get on the bus to go to dinner.

Our final activity was rollerblading! We roller bladed with our friends to all different kinds of upbeat music.

Today was another fun day of activities, complete with some new Canadian friends!

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow.

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