Monarchs, July 21st: Tent Games

Boy does time fly!

Today was our last day of lessons. For one of our classes, we played an English game called Funglish. True to its name, it was definitely fun, and lots of laughs! We made use of adjectives and exercised our English vocab.

As this chapter of our trip comes to a close, we began preparing for our camping trip tomorrow.

In the afternoon, after lunch here at SAIT, we let the tent games begin!
First, we started by gathering into our tent groups in which we will be sharing a tent with. We then had to come up with a logo to go with our group names: The Blue Jays, the White Foxes, and the Black Bears.
After drafting out our logo, we printed it onto white t-shirts. We did it all ourselves using crayons and an iron!

Afterwards, we began preparing for our evening group presentations. We each made a poster representing our group, along with a song and dance.

After some time preparing, we made our way outside to present. Here, we all displayed our strong sense of team spirit.

Next were the games! Between holding up a sponge with our foreheads, spinning around in circles, and being splashed with water balloons, it goes without saying we all had a riot. Just take a look at the pictures!

We finished off the evening with a pizza party outside, followed by a run-down of the camping rules and tips.

At night, we began packing up and headed to bed.

Tomorrow we’ll be up bright and early, and full of excitement as we set out for our camping trip.

Stay tuned!

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