New Friends, Sports, and a Little Bit of Magic!

Hi friends and family!
Today was a great first day for us who have just arrived and a fun day for us who got to help our new friends learn the ropes at Wynchemna. We found our new breakfast rooms and had a tasty feast of fruits, waffles, eggs and bacon and some of us even tried Canadian Maple syrup for the first time!
After breakfast we had an art lesson where we showed off our painting skills by painting the Northern Lights onto clay polar bears. The clay was magic – no matter how many colours we layered it never turned brown and became a brand new masterpiece. Those of us who were new had our first English test and us going into our second week had our last lesson before getting into our new classes tomorrow!
We had lunch altogether at Happy Hut and then climbed onto the bus to head to the Calgary Canoe Club. We took turns canoeing in partners on the water where we made rafts by connecting all our canoes and raced each other to see who was the fastest! We played baseball with Bacon and each took a turn at hitting a home run and then we tried our luck at ultimate frisbee with Dylan and faced off in teams.
After our fun in the sun we had supper at Vanelli’s and headed back to our Wynchemna home to jump into our Harry Potter world and competed against each other at Quidditch. We flew around on our broomsticks avoiding the obstacles and trying to catch the golden snitch. We then took a turn and tried out our acting skills in the Loose Moose workshop. Acting silly together is the best way to make new friends!
Our day was magical and full of laughs with new friends. We can’t wait to go to sleep and are even more excited for tomorrow!

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