Pouncing Forest Lynxes – July 12, 2018 – International Supper and Karaoke

Today at Wynchemna was International Supper Day!

We started with lessons about Canada, Food and Personality but we couldn’t wait to get cookin’ in our country groups. We had nine groups that represented all of our different countries. We had one head chef originating from that country and the rest of us joined a different group to learn all about another country and how they cook their favourite foods!

After we met with our groups, we headed to Safeway to get our ingredients for our flavour filled dishes! We then proceeded to cook with our groups and have good conversation. Everyone had a job assigned to them and we all worked together as a team to nail our cooking adventure.

Our posters were hung from the ceiling as the head chefs presented on each of our gourmet homemade meals. We were surprised to learn we couldn’t eat the food from our home countries, but were excited to try something new and to watch our new friends experience a little slice of our home.

After we cleaned up dinner, we headed over to Karaoke with full bellies. We sang our hearts out to our favourite English songs such as: Baby by Justin Bieber, Barbie Girl by that band, and Hello by Adele. Teacher Addy can really sing!

We had a great night and are looking forward to sports and lessons tomorrow!

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