Pouncing Forest Lynxes – July 6th – Lessons, Golf, Rock Climbing, and Indoor Soccer

Today at Wynchemna the students enjoyed a busy day filled with lessons, delicious food, and many sports.

The day started with breakfast led by the many teachers. Following that, the new students had their first lessons, alongside students who have been at Wynchemna for a week. They did many things, such as an activity about making your own animal, as well as they learned about one another through games, writing exercises, and presentations.

Following the lessons, the students ate a delicious happy hut meal that included food such as mashed potatoes, gravy, and many appetizers.

After lunch finished, the students took a bus to do rock climbing and golf. The students who started with rock climbing found out how strong you have to be to scale the wall, while the students at golf learned how much skill it takes to hit a small ball with a club. At golf, the students had a tournament to see who could hit the ball the furthest – with the winner receiving a prize of a chocolate bar!

Dinner was at Denny’s, where the students enjoyed the choice of many tasty meals. This allowed them to recharge as they went to play a game of indoor soccer after supper. The students were split in two groups: those who were passionate about soccer, and those who were not as passionate about soccer. In the competitive match. the pinnie team won 3-2 with an excellent goal with 5 minutes left in the match!

The students had a great day filled with so much fun and tomorrow, we will be going to Drumheller!

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