Road Trip 2017 – Thumping Snowshoe Hares

What an amazing road trip we experienced the last few days! Eleven students and three teachers embarked on a journey across two beautiful Canadian provinces. We started in Alberta after a week of camping with our Calgary friends and then drove directly to Golden to go Whitewater rafting. It was a exciting time as we raced down the river experiencing the cold rivers of the Kickinghorse River. After we drove to Kelowna to enjoy a night of camping in the beautiful weather.

That morning we cooked breakfast all together and then headed down to the lake for a morning swim. Then we went boating and tubing, we had such an amazing time. After our boat time we went swimming again and even jumped off some diving boards and ropes, we could not enough of the water! Then we camped another night in Kelowna before driving the next morning to the beautiful little town of Whistler.

In Whistler we stayed in a beautiful hotel, where we all enjoyed the pool and a hot shower right away. On our first day in Whistler we explored a bit and shared a meal before climbing in our warm beds! That next day we explored the mountains by taking many ski lifts and gondolas. Our favourite was peak to peak which is the longest type of it’s kind! What a treat! Then we went zip lining between the two mountains and some of us even went upside down. We enjoyed a nice meal altogether before some more pool time and check out the next morning. The next day we travelled back to to Vancouver to meet all of our new friends!

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