Singing Water Loons – 7/8 August 2017 – Our Loons Leaving

When we came back from camping time passed quickly, too quickly.

In our final breakfast room meal, we ate waffles, eggs, bacon – all super salty, because we were so sad and crying our way through it.

We had a last lesson all together, writing goodbye letters for each other. It is so difficult to say goodbye to things like Sofiann’s dancing, Kiki’s smile, Ondrej’s hat, Kate’s hat, Jorge’s hat, Jason’s jokes, Linda’s laughter, Jennifer’s strength, Alex’s power, Kyle’s compassion, Beck’s curiosity, Beatrice’s craziness, Angel’s initiative, Amy’s parties, Mark’s music, Juan Carlos R.’s singing, Juan Carlos A’s wisdom, Ina’s attitude, Kathleen’s hair, Elly’s eating, Anna’s chin, Tonda’s enthusiasm for cows, so much, we can’t list them all – it’ll make us too sad.

In the evening the emotions flowed even more. All the Loons sat together to see a slideshow of their month. By the end, there wasn’t a dry Water Loon’s eye in the raft! By dinnertime though, at Nick’s Steakhouse the students spoke all about their favourite memories from throughout the month. From climbing to canoeing to Carlos, we chatted so much that even when our food came, delicious Albertan beef and chicken, we didn’t stop.

After dinner, our students received their hard-earned Wynchemna certificates and awards. We clapped for each other, knowing we did this all together. That would’ve been a great note to end on, except we had another thing planned – a party planned!

The students dressed up and then sang and danced together. With party teacher Sam in the centre of the dance floor, the Loons partied longer than any other camp before! They sure are loony!

Then the goodbye’s started coming, and as the first group left at 5:30 in the morning the tears started flowing. Our Loons did so much this month. They landed, then they placement tested, Stampeded, hiked, paddled, roller-skated, ice-skated, bowled, swam, water-slided, dinosaured, climbed, cooked, traded, shopped, camped and more – today, our last day, so many of us cried. That’s a sign of a good camp though, everyone outside at five in the morning waving goodbye as the bus rolls off.

We hope to see you all again!

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