Splashing Snapping Turtles – August 12th, 2017 – Exploring Drumheller!

Today the Turtles had a jam-packed day full of learning and fun! Our day started off in our breakfast rooms where we enjoyed our first breakfast at SAIT since camping. We prepared some delicious food and then headed to our lessons where we got to put our English to practice. Many of our lessons were about dinosaurs since today we would be heading to…DRUMHELLER!

In the afternoon, we hopped onto the bus to head to Drumheller- a dinosaur lovers dream! First, we arrived at Horseshoe Canyon where we admired the amazing landscape and hoodoos. We headed down into the canyon for a super fun hike where we climbed up and down the hills – it was amazing! Next up was the Royal Tyrell Museum, where the Turtles visited all the dinosaur exhibits and bones. There was so much to see and everybody had a different favourite part of the museum. After our bone-tastic visit, we had grown quite the appetite so we headed to the park for an amazing dinner of hamburgers. There, we enjoyed our view- a huge dinosaur T-Rex, as we ate supper! Following supper, everybody had a splashing time in the sprinkler park and swimming pool where everybody got absolutely soaking wet. The Turtles even got the teachers to join in the splashing fun! After our full day it was time to return to SAIT, ready for a well-deserved sleep after our exciting day! Hurray!

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