Splashing Snapping Turtles – August 6th-11th, 2017 – Exploring the Canadian Wilderness!

After a couple of weeks of learning English in the beautiful city of Calgary, it was time for the Splashing Snapping Turtles to swim to the Canadian Rockies! We packed our sleeping bags and prepared for five nights of camping in Western Canada’s beautiful outdoors.

Camping was a great experience for all, we got to participate in numerous outdoor activities and explore the beautiful landscape of Kananaskis Country. It was many of the Turtle’s first experience camping, but they got the hang of it quickly as they arrived at the campsite. We set up our tents with our camping groups and then prepared delicious food together. We prepared finger-licking good food such as souvlaki, pasta and burgers! We always had an abundance of food, always preparing many veggie, fruit and cheese platters! Each meal was made by a different camping group and the cleanup was done by another group, to ensure that all the students got a chance to be a chef and a cleaner.
Also, during our five days of camping, we got the amazing opportunity to go hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, exploring in Banff and the ice fields in Jasper. We had wonderful weather for all of our activities and spent lots of time under the sun! Everybody loved cooling off in the river beside our campsite, it was a splashing, fun time!

Our first day was spent exploring the amazing Rocky trails on our hike to Black Prince. We arrived at a beautiful lake where we had lunch and took lots of fun pictures. The next day, we went to Banff where the Turtles went to the Hot Springs and shopping for souvenirs. They could not get over the beauty of the town, because it is surrounded by huge, magnificent mountains. Our third day was super fun! The turtles chose to go either horseback-riding around gorgeous Lake Louise, or visit the famous Columbia ice fields! Both experiences were extremely memorable and the kids could not stop talking about them on the bus ride back to camp. Our fourth, and final full day was spent going mountain biking! Everybody had a blast as they sped through the forest, up and down the mountains! That evening, we returned to our campsite and ate the highly requested…marshmallows!! The forest was buzzing with excitement as the Turtles enjoyed their last night under the stars!

On our last day, we packed up all our equipment and had a quick breakfast. We hopped back onto the bus and returned to SAIT…everybody was ready to take a well-deserved shower. Camping was definitely an experience to remember, always pushing the Turtles to try new, fun activities! So fun!

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