Stomping Striped Porcupines – July 13, 2018 – Slamdunks and Slapshots

I didn’t think it was possible, but our second day at Wynchenma was even more fun than the first!

Everyone was grateful for a good long sleep last night, and we celebrated this by having our first big breakfast together. Everyone got to try some Canadian favorites like bacon and eggs, cereal with fruit and everyones favorite, waffles with maple syrup!

After breakfast we had a relaxing morning of English lessons at the SAIT library. Then everyone helped each other prepare some interesting questions to ask local Calgarians for their big day at the Calgary Stampede tomorrow! After another one our chef’s Meagon’s fabulous meals full of fruit, vegetables and CURRY CHICKEN, we took a bus ride to a famous park in Calgary to play basketball and hockey!

Many 3 pointers were thrown, many slapshots were flung, and eventually joyous cries of GOOOALLL filled the entire arena. Finally, after a good long sit in the grass and some well deserved snacks we took a stroll down to the modern Market Mall to enjoy some Canadian Cuisine that looked like Korean Cuisine and did some late night shopping.

We capped off our wonderful day by playing charades back at SAIT which involved both a little bit of acting expertise and a lot of laughter and fun. Then after another great day, we again watched the clouds race by in the Calgary wind and lay our heads down for a early slumber to rest!

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