Stomping Striped Porcupines – July 18, 2018 – Head Smashed Buffalo Jump

Today we started off in our new rooms in SAIT and had our classic Canadian breakfast, with waffles and syrup being the star of the show. After breakfast, we packed up our bags readying ourselves for our big adventure to the Albertan Foothills.

After a fun bus ride full of card games, riddles and laughter we arrived at the stunning Head Smashed Buffalo Jump. This aptly named Cliffside is a UNESCO world heritage site that highlights the historical practices and significance of the buffalo in Indigenous societies that stretch back for 6000 years, making it the perfect place for a picnic featuring sandwiches and fruit. We traversed the expansive foothills, lead by an expert guide before taking a peek inside the museum.

Saying our farewells to the lovely staff at the Buffalo Jump, we went even further into the foothills to explore another historical site… the infamous Frank’s Slide. Frank’s slide was once an ancient town that was tragically wiped out by a rockslide over 100 years ago, and now it is home to a scenic hiking trail that we will remember fondly. Next we had a picnic beside the renowned Crowsnest Pass Lake, which is situated between two stunning mountains that the evening sunrise was betwixt. We capped off another amazing day by having a scrumptious meal at A&W which included burgers, fries, and everyone’s favorite ROOT BEER!!!

Co-written by The Amazingly tall and Spectacular Zeff.

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