Stomping Striped Porcupines – July 20, 2018 – Rockclimbing, Golfing and Soccer

The porcupines had another eventful and spectacular day at Wynchemna! We welcomed Cally from Quebec, who joined us today! After some fun English lessons and a delicious lunch, we participated in many activities throughout the day. Almost half of us tried rock climbing and golf for the first time! Wow! This took some concentration; however, it was very exciting for everyone. Once we all tried climbing and golfing, we were ready to head to soccer, where we practiced some skills, and played on teams! There was a lot of enthusiasm and cheering each other on all day. We enjoyed a filling and delicious supper at Swiss Chalet. Later this evening when we made our way back to SAIT, Lilly arrived from Germany! The porcupines had smiles on their faces all day and fun moments were shared with our new friends! We are remarkably eager to see downtown Calgary tomorrow! Yipee!

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