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Soaring Horned Owls- Camping!

Day 1 In preparation for our camping trip, we enjoyed some informative and helpful lessons where we learned about camping and bear safety, as well as some exciting games that helped us practice storytelling and speaking. We packed up our bags and headed towards the mountains, anticipating our upcoming adventures in the wilderness. Once we […]

Splashing Harbour Seals – August 2nd, 2018 – Vancouver Art Gallery, Paintball and Biking

What an exciting day! We started off our day at the Vancouver Art Gallery, where we enjoyed exhibits from David Milne and “Cabin Fever”. We completed our work as we explored the different piece of art, what a treat! After our fun morning, we ate at the Pacific Centre. Then we drove over to the […]

Teacher Camping Trip!

The last part of our amazing orientation was a camping trip in the mountains. We were there for two days. On the first day we drove there with Adam and Roland leading the way. Once arriving, we ventured off into the wild for a mountain bike ride that will never be forgotten. In the drizzling […]

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