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Singing Water Loons – 18 July 2017 – Five Pin and a Fun Pool

Not only do we fill our days with great lessons, we explore this great city. Today the Loons flocked towards a couple local recreational activities beloved by Calgarians. Five-Pin bowling is a uniquely Canadian. Born in Collingwood, Ontario, folks all over the country enjoy it. Though some Loons found it strange at first, many quickly […]

Chattering Wapiti- July 18, 2015: Around the World in 6 Tastes

From China to France, to Mexico to Italy, to Russia to Taiwan, to Czech to Germany, and all the way back to Canada… the Chattering Wapiti created dishes from all around the world today! The Chattering Wapiti started the day off with a well-deserved late breakfast. After our typical three lessons, we headed to Northhill […]

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